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    If you are thinking of investing in commercial real estate, consider business rentals.  Business rentals range from storage facilities, office buildings, storefronts and strip malls.  While some commercial real estate investors build business rentals and then act as a property manager, others simply purchase buildings and renovate them so they are suitable for business rentals.

    Commercial real estate college station investing has many facets.  When most people think about commercial real estate investments, they think about giant malls or industrial parks.  Few think of small business rentals that also encompass commercial real estate properties.

    When purchasing a business rental, make sure that there is a lease in place or you have a client in mind who wants to lease the property.  Few people invest in commercial real estate upon speculation as it can be quite risky.  It is financially prudent to seek a sound investment when choosing business rentals.  Business rentals in blighted area are risky at best.  Commercial real estate in a declining area is usually not a good idea.  Location is the most important aspect of any real estate investment.

    Before investing in a piece of commercial real estate, an investor must perform due diligence.  Due diligence with regard to business rentals includes the following:

    Ÿ  An inspection of the property to make sure it is structurally sound;

    Ÿ  Environmental inspection if required;

    Ÿ  Zoning consideration – if you are planning on making a change in the type of business rental, make sure that the current zoning is applicable;

    Ÿ  A survey of the property with all easements included;

    Ÿ  A title insurance commitment detailing any liens, covenants, restrictions or tax problems recorded against the property.

    In addition, make sure you are aware of all the applicable laws in the municipality where the property is located.  You would not want to purchase a piece of property to lease for a tavern if the municipality does not allow liquor.  When considering business rentals, take a look at the surrounding area and see what will work well in the community.

    Storage facilities are another example of business rentals.  Companies and individuals use storage facilities to keep items they cannot keep in their office or home.  Business rentals such as storage facilities, make good commercial real estate investments.

    Other business rentals include strip malls, office buildings, office complexes, storefronts and free standing structures.  People invest in business rentals for many different types of reasons, the main one because it is a steady source of income for the investor.  The loan on the property can be paid off by the individual or business renting the property and, if your commercial real estate investment is in a location where the properties appreciate in value, you can earn money years down the road when you sell the property, or you can continue to hold onto the property and gain the income from the business rental.

    Business rentals can be a good solid investment if an investor has knowledge of the real estate college station market, invests in a desirable location, performs proper due diligence and is mindful of what is needed in the area in which the property is located.

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