• Creative Ways To Advertise Your Home


    With the advent of the Internet a whole new market has opened in the advertising world.  There are virtual worlds being created every day to introduce the world of consumers to new products.  Why not use this innovative way to sell your home.

    It is possible to create a free web site with many different web hosting companies.  This includes Yahoo and Bravenet.  You can log on and set up an account for absolutely no charge.  Both of these sites have a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) site builder.  You can create a beautiful, informative web site for nothing.

    Using this concept, you can advertise your home to the world.  Making up flyers with the web site address printed on them will allow you to send interested parties through a virtual tour of your home.  You can put these flyers in a special bin under the “For Sale” sign in the front lawn.  You can even put them up at the local grocery store or laundry mat.  By taking video of your home and narrating it, you can show off your house as no one else could.  You can point out all the unique features whi

    ch made you buy the home in the first place.  Then you can point out the hidden ones which made you fall in love with the place while you lived there.

    There are sites which allow you to advertise for free, like Craig’s List, on the Internet.  Many homes have been bought and sold on this virtual “classifieds” section of the web.  Investors are always looking here for their next purchase.  Whether you want to reach the people in your local area or the ones across the country, you can do it with Craig’s List.

    Other sites specialize in For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties.  Some of  them charge a fee while others allow you to enter your listing for free.  Many of these web sites offer informational videos which explain the entire process from deciding to sell to closing the deal.  You can even find contracts and other forms you may need.  You can chat with other FSBO sellers to see what they are doing to market their homes.  Many great ideas come from listening to others.

    Of course the traditional sign in the yard will let those in your neighborhood know you are selling your home.  However, asking your neighbors in for a private showing can also bring in some great potential buyers.  You can do it in a neat way by calling up your friends and neighbors and saying something like this.  “Hi Jane, I just wanted to invite you and Bob over on Saturday.  Bill and I are putting our house on the market and we thought you may know someone who might want to take a look at it.  How does 1 o’clock sound?”  You got their attention, went straight to the point and let them know they could bring someone to look at the house.  You can explain the details later in the conversation.  Things like it is only going to be for a half hour because you have someone else coming at 1:45 gets the ball rolling.  If “Jane and Bob” know anyone who thought about moving into the neighborhood, this is their time to shine.  Remember, people like to shine.  If you do this with ten of your friends and neighbors, you just got some of the best advertising money could buy, word of mouth.

    When you sell a home, think of it as a marketing game. You have the product, now find your market.  Ask yourself who would want your house and where would you find them.  This is always the best place to start when selling anything and a house is no different.  There are many creative buyers.  Be a creative seller.

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