• What You Need To Do To Get A Foreclosure

    If you want to make money today in the real estate market, one way is to get a foreclosure.  Foreclosures are properties that the bank has regained because the owner defaulted on the loan.  They are usually owned by mortgage lenders and in some cases, the government.  Finding foreclosures in the market today are easy.  They are everywhere.

    Years ago, foreclosures were rarely seen and when they were, they were located in undesirable areas.  Today, they are seen in the most upscale neighborhoods.  When the real estate bubble burst, it took a lot  of people with it, including a lot of developers.  There are entire subdivisions in some states that have been foreclosed upon by banks.

    If you want to make some money in the real estate market today, you can do so by purchasing a foreclosure.  Foreclosures are sometimes in need of cosmetic repair.  People get angry as they are getting evicted and sometimes do damage to the home.  Most of the damage, however, is all cosmetic.  If you are handy, you can fix up the property easily enough.

    You will have to be able to prove that you can purchase the property before you can even bid on the foreclosure.  This means that the first person you should see is the lender.  Your lender can take you through the process of getting a mortgage and issue a pre approval letter.  This states that the lender is willing to loan you a certain amount of money for a piece of property.  A pre approval letter is something that is necessary if you want to bid on foreclosed property.  The bank or lending institution does not want to work with someone who is not going to be able to buy the property.

    There will be no contingencies.  You will have to be ready to close.  Inspections are usually done at your own expense prior to the acceptance of the contract.  You should have an older home inspected for a variety of different reasons.  It is well worth the few hundred dollars it will cost to do this.

    You will also have to have a certified check for the earnest money.  Earnest money is a deposit that you put down for the home that pretty much states you are serious about committing to purchase the home.  If you default on the contract, you will forfeit your earnest money.   The amount of earnest money varies and is usually a few thousand dollars.

    If you are planning on buying the home with cash, you will have to have proof that you have the cash on hand and are ready to close.  This can be simply a bank statement that reflects the amount of the cash.  A cash buyer is always preferred over a mortgage buyer, even one who has been pre approved.  This may put you at the head of the line.

    You can then bid on the property.  Remember that the bank or lending company simply wants to recoup their investment.  Bid low and hope for the best.  You may have to bid on several foreclosures before you get accepted.

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